Editorial: Natalee: Details are coming out!
Jossy Mansur - DIARIO Aruba

During the last two airings of Nancy Grace on Headline News, Beth and Jug Twitty revealed some details that I was not aware of, in relation to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Additionally, I was also able to watch an interview with Joran in Holland, in which he throws all the blame of what happened on Natalee.

As the great liar that he is, he wanted to escape blame by accusing the missing girl of all sorts of weaknesses and flaws and paints himself as a gallant movie star. Joran, according from what I could conclude from the interview, did not break (…), and did not do anything, he tried rejecting Natalee’s advances, left her on the beach, and went home. Abandoning her on the beach was, for Joran, very normal!

From a habitual liar, I didn’t expect anything else. Together with his last statement and every other statement he made, which severely contradict each other, I don’t know.

What I do know is that he hasn’t spoken one word of truth during his interview with A Current Affair. All of a sudden, he forgets his own declaration that he left Natalee at the Holiday Inn, where she tripped and then was helped by two security guards; in his other declaration where he goes with Natalee on the beach North of the Marriott, and went to sleep with her on the sand.

Now, Natalee fell asleep, he left and thought that Deepak returned near where Natalee was, raped and killed her. All the statements he made earlier, he forgot in his voluntary amnesia. Now that he is in Holland, he became a saint!
In the shows of Nancy Grace yesterday and the day before, Beth and Jug made revelations which demonstrate uncategorically that the three suspects committed sexual assault against Natalee. This is also confirmed by their own admissions during the interrogations which took place in June. How then can Joran describe Natalee’s underwear in detail, and also her most intimate parts?

With his statement in Holland, Joran has reopened the wound. People can understand if he spoke the truth, but he preferred to continue with his many lies.

At DIARIO, we always thought that Joran, Deepak and Satish never went with Natalee from Carlos and Charlies to the beach North of the Marriott, but that they went to Joran’s apartment, where the above-mentioned took place. That they went to the beach to get rid of her after is possible and even probable.

One fact that hasn’t been completely explored in the first group of fishermen, in the same early morning hours that Natalee disappeared, one or more people broken the doors 1, 2, and 3 of the fishermens’ huts and kept what was in them.
The watchman of the first crew of fishermen observed that the only things missing was a large knife and a large basket. For what do you need a large knife and a basket? They could have used the knife to open the basket to put Natalee’s body, along with some rocks, then go throw it in the sea, far off the coast with a collaborator?

This is a theory which gained more strength when a detector made by an American in Aruba detected human bones, teeth and and iron in the sea! Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s worth investigating the matter more in depth.

Natalee’s case will not disappear. Now that Joran opened his mouth in Holland, he made it again a current event. The irony of all this is that Arubians don’t have anything to do with the case.

The principal suspects is Dutch, the lead investigator was Dutch, the prosecutor is Dutch and the five judges involved are Dutch. If you think about it, an attempted boycott against Aruba is unjust, because it is misdirected and won’t achieve the desired results.

In a democracy, the executive branch cannot intervene in the judicial one. No matter how much pressure is put upon the government, it cannot give any sort of order to the prosecutor nor the judges. On the contrary, ‘trias politica’ can’t work
I have full understanding of the suffering of Natalee’s mom and the uncertainty of the rest of the family. All the want is the truth, to find their child, no matter what condition she may be in, to then put the matter behind and return to their home to resume their lives.

Try putting yourself in her place, that you have a child who has disappeared in the hands of three suspicious individuals, the principal one set free because he wants to continue his studies.

Because of that America is questioning so severely the handing down of justice in Aruba, because things have happened which make no sense, have no justification and can’t be explained legally nor rationally.

[translated by Getagrip]