Geoffrey van Cromvoirt evaluating whether he will sue for damages for prejudice

AMSTERDAM - Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, in an interview with SBS 6 Actienieuws of Holland, said that he doesn’t have anything to do with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

The young Dutch 19 year old came into the picture after the ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ program, which was recorded in Aruba, aired.

He could have seemed to be another person in the case. Ironically, van Cromvoirt had wanted to participate in the reenactment of the case along with his sister.
“I’ve always wanted to appear on television, but not in this way”. The Dutch youth was asked via telephone to go to the police station one week after ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ aired.

When he went to the police station, he was detained immediately. The accusations were rape and murder.

According to van Cromvoirt, police officers put him under a lot of pressure when he was detained.

“They said things that were making me crazy. They said that they would arrest my whole family. Things like that can make you crazy and that same night I went completely crazy. After they took away all my clothes and left me with only my underwear.”

This, according to the Dutch youth, who continued to say that they were afraid that he would hang himself.

He said that he would never do this, and that he slept in his underwear for two long days on a cement bed.

“Geoffrey’s detention caused a lot of harm to our family. My wife is very much in despair”. This, according to Geoffrey’s father, Willem van Cromvoirt. Officially, the Dutch youth is still a suspect in this case, but the father hopes that the case will be dismissed.

Now, family lawyers are evaluating the possibility of bringing a case for damages for prejudice.

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Case of Natalee: report shows formal deceit
Joran van der Sloot’s feet grow and shrink almost 4 sizes from one day to the other

ORANJESTAD (AAN) --- Those of a little advanced or respectable age can still remember the time where there was an alcoholic beverage that was called ‘foot sweller’.

This alcoholic beverage, it was said, that those who drank too much of it, their feet swelled and because of this they called the drink ‘foot sweller’, but who can believe that in the year 2005 there are people in Aruba whose feet really swell or grow almost 4 sizes from one day to the other?

This was the case of the suspect Joran van der Sloot, who is currently peacefully studying in Holland and Aruba itself is stuck with the case of Natalee, and in the US they are trying in every way to organize and implement all sorts of boycotts and acts that could harm Aruba in the wide sense of the word.

This is not an attempt to cast guilt on Joran van der Sloot in the case of Natalee, but the fact is that the majority of people in the community is very angry in regards to the case of Natalee causing a negative impact on the economic situation, the image of the people of Aruba and surely, for the island’s tourism.

Too many changing declarations, formal deceit by the suspects and the very strange way in which the authorities, who have to be competent, have proceeded have today stuck Aruba in a very bad situation in regards to Natalee’s case and those who know the truth remain quiet believing that in this way, they can evade guilt of any involvement or any violation of the law.

From the copies of different police reports, today readers themselves can read how Joran van der Sloot, who until today for inexplicable reasons ‘supposedly’ left his expensive brand name running shoes at the beach on the night he was with Natalee, according to the version he gave police.

Police came up with the matter of the running shoes or it was Joran himself who started talking about the running shoes of an expensive brand name, size 14? From the police report of June 14, 2005, readers can read how Joran himself declared that he took off his size 14 running shoes and left them on the beach.

On June 29, 2005, he again repeated to police that he left his size 14 running shoes on the beach. The strange thing is that on August 2, 2005, after so many interrogations had already taken place, Joran van der Sloot in a car heading back to KIA, told a Dutch police officer who came to Aruba especially to interrogate the suspects, that Joran had on some K-Swiss running shoes that he borrowed from a fellow prisoner.

At no moment did the Dutch police officer ask Joran something, it was Joran himself who started talking with the police officer, as can been seen from the police report.

Now, the question is: was Joran brought from the first day to KIA shoeless and had no shoes to wear that it was a fellow prisoner who had to lend Joran a pair of running shoes?

Van der Sloot’s parents couldn’t bring shoes for Joran to wear, and someone from the prison had to lend him some shoes, and to top it all off they were K-Swiss brand?

By the way, at KIA they have to register, as in the majority of prisons around the world, what shoes and other belongings each person comes in with, yes or no? On August 8, 2005, the same Dutch police officer asked Joran to take off his shoe, which was a K-Swiss brand running shoe.

Joran asked to see his lawyer and wanted to find his lawyer’s support, but his lawyer didn’t even look at Joran and started to write (in local dialect, you deal with your problems!) After the Dutch police officer insisted, Joran took off the running shoe and handed it over across the table.

The police officer asked Joran how in the supposed day that he was with Natalee on the beach, he had size 14 K-Swiss running shoes, then how was the one that Joran put on the table size 10.5?

After Joran put his running shoe back on, the police pressed on the tip of the running shoes, and observed that the shoes were a good fit on Joran, and Joran didn’t react!

The matter of the size 14 K-Swiss running shoes is ‘too good to be true’. Was it the shark that Natalee supposedly wanted to see at the North shore that left with Joran van der Sloot’s size 14 running shoes?

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All police reports show that something smells in
Matter of the Lighthouse in the case of Natalee

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – The investigation on the case of Natalee continues and from one day to the other, more information continues to come out, which has caused a few people to walk around with a lot of nervousness.

No matter how long it lasts or how many people believe that they will be able to cover things up forever in the case of Natalee, the truth will come out and as DIARIO has already published: few words are necessary for those who are good listeners.

During all the interrogations in the case of Natalee conducted by local authorities and also those from Holland, the matter of the Lighthouse and the ridiculous matter of going to going to see sharks at the lighthouse shows very clearly that there was and still is formal and systematic lying in regards to whether the three principal suspects went to the lighthouse with Natalee or not.

At first, Joran van der Sloot himself declared that they went to the lighthouse and that he, himself, told the Kalpoe brothers to go in the direction of the lighthouse while Joran ‘supposedly’ was sitting in the backseat of the car with Natalee.

During other interrogations which continued, Joran van der Sloot himself radically changed his declaration in what concerns the matter of the lighthouse and it could even be observed that the way that Joran got to hear that the Kalpoe brothers did indeed declare and were firm on the matter of going to the lighthouse, Joran became like an angry bear.

Today DIARIO has reproduced a part of the controversial declarations that Joran first made on the matter of the lighthouse, which he accuses the Kalpoe brothers of lying about going there and today, everyone can read how Joran was changing his version every time.

In one declaration alone, he contradicted himself even on the matter of going to Noordkant [northern tip] with Natalee.

At first, Joran declared that Natalee herself asked to go to the North side of the island to see sharks (a very ridiculous proposition in the darkness of night; neither day nor night can one see sharks on the Aruban shores).

Afterwards, later in the same interrogation, Joran tells police: “At no time did Natalee ask to go to the north side of Aruba!”

Joran himself declared that the (supposed) idea of going to the lighthouse came from him!

In the sequence of declarations as to whether the lighthouse or not, today the readers themselves can read how one behind the other, Joran himself declared that they went to the lighthouse, to later during other interrogations (which also will be published) he categorically denied the matter of going to the lighthouse and it is because of this point here that the investigation smells badly.

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