New spokesperson in the US Steve Cohen referring to Beth Twitty
Sadness is no reason to not speak the truth
Our island now has a person recognized in the US to bring forth the other side of the case of Natalee Holloway
Bon Dia Aruba

Cohen was involved with the SCTF from the beginning. Has written many articles and has been in contact with American media to show what Aruba has been doing.

Pesquera doesn't believe any other country would have done as much as Aruba has done. If you could put a price on it, the price tag of what they have done is in the millions. The hotel and food costs covered for the family of Natalee Holloway is up to $350 k. The expenses of the government, in terms of police overtime and all other expenses, for example lost productivity, the half day off given to public employees, etc. is in the millions.

Cohen is working to bring the other side of the story to the American media. Among others, he is working with CBS on a story of Aruba which will air in February.

Cohen will go on local TV of the most important markets for Aruba to put forth the real image of Aruba.
Prosecutor to come from Curacao, not for Natalee but to investigate the Public Ministry
Attorney General sent letter to prosecutor Karin Janssen this week to prohibit her speaking to the press
War in Public Ministry continues!
Bon Dia Aruba

ORANJESTAD – The war in the Public Ministry took another turn this week when the AG sent a letter to Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen, and informed her numerous time that she cannot speak to the press. This letter was dated December 1 and was specifically addressed to Janssen.

It can be recalled still that the Minister of Justice Rudy Croes gave this department one month the mend their relationship and end with the whole war that is going on in the Public Ministry, otherwise he will have to take measures.

Recently, an Aruba media outlet named Karin Janssen as their Woman of the Year for the year 2005. Something that the prosecutor appreciated very much and celebrated afterwards as well. Bon Dia understands that there was an incident where the prosecutor cut a cake to celebrate this but that the AG did not appreciate this gesture in the least.

At the same time as well, it is Bon Dia's understanding that the prosecutor from Aruba who livesin Curacao, prosecutor Angela, will have to come to Aruba to help solve the case of Natalee Holloway and that she will remain until there is a satisfactory solution. It is known that Angela is a very successful professional in Curacao and that she has been able to solve many cases. But now it turns out that her visit to Aruba is not to solve the Holloway case, but for war within the Public Ministry and how to solve this.


Bon Dia Aruba continues to keep a close eye on this case to see how it is going at the core of the Public Ministry since once again, it looks as if things are not going well in this department and that the clock is running for this responsible to take action, such as Rudy Croes alluded to some days ago. He gave the department one moth, otherwise the measures that have to be taken will come.
Court TV creator becomes spokesperson for the Strategic Communications Task Force of Aruba
According to Steve Cohen, we have to straighten out Aruba’s image

ORANJESTAD(AAN): A press conference given by the Strategic Communications Task Force (SCT) took place on Friday, where the CEO of AHATA and members of the SCT that they held a meeting and they came to the decision to name a special person to be spokesperson for SCT, for everything that has to do with the case of Natalee Holloway.

ATIA’s president, Serge Mansur, said that the decision was to name Steve Cohen for this post.

Steve Cohen has worked as a reporter and presenter in the US, where he was a ‘Senior News Executive’ in Los Angeles and New York.

According to Mr. Mansur, Cohen is one of the creators and producer of the famous Court TV in the US, where he had experience in more than 150 big cases in the courts of the US.
Steve Cohen was also vice president of CBS during 12 years.

This person was on the case from the beginning and has been coming to Aruba since 1979.

Steve Cohen took the podium, where he thanked those who gave him the position of spokesperson.

According to Cohen, 6 months ago, Aruba was a country that was considered as safe, where tourists were safe in their beloved vacations.

Now, 6 months later Aruba is still the same, but the image that the US has o Aruba has changed, because of a worried family and others who think that Aruba did not act fast enough, speak and think badly of Aruba.

The objective in the months to come is to change this back. We do not have the amount of criminality that America has and we have one of the best police corps in the area of the Caribbean.

This, according to Cohen, who said that this is the message that has to be heard for Americans, but Beth Twitty is still saying that the judicial system of Aruba is not working and that it is corrupt.

The fact that a person or family is sad, does not take away that they always have to speak the truth about what has happened. According to Cohen, his role is going to be to let the truth continue to prevail.

The press asked Cohen how he thinks he will do this. According to Cohen, he will try to go on talk shows to try to relay his message to Americans.

SCT also will work closely with the Public Ministry and the investigators of this case, where they will try to let representatives of the Public Ministry or the group of investigators go on one of these programs, after they have had good coaching.

He said that attorney Arlene Ellis Schipper has done a tremendous job, but cannot confront alone all those that they have put against her in the American programs.
According to Joe Mammana
An American life is worth more than any quantity of foreigners’ lives
While attorney Schipper explains how the Deepak conversation was manipulated

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Recently, in MSNBC’s Rita Cosby program, they dealt with the case of Natalee Holloway, where they focused among other things on the matter of the recorded conversation with Deepak Kalpoe.

They also spoke about the boycott against Aruba, where they spoke with representatives of Aruba, as well as with different radio broadcasters from other channels.

One of the broadcasters was for the boycott against Aruba, and the other, Steve Yuhas was of the opinion that a boycott was very ridiculous.

There was also a psychic on the program, who said that she supports the boycott.

She also said that regrettably Natalee is dead and that Deepak, Joran and Satish are guilty, while Joran’s father also knows what happened.

Joe Mammana, who is the millionaire who helped Beth Twitty come to Aruba with his private jet at the beginning of the case, and who supposedly is cooperating with the mother in her search for Natalee, spoke very badly about Aruba.

Mammana, who was a criminal and was incarcerated in the US for a long time some years back, has been making donations to charitable organizations for a number of years to try to redeem himself.

Now he has decided to participate in the boycott against Aruba, where on American TV he reacted in an aggressive manner against Aruba.

He brought a big quantity of posters and flyers, saying that if one goes to Aruba, one has a big chance of being raped and disappeared. His intention is to distribute the posters around America.

He also said that one American is worth more than any quantity of foreigners around the world.

Attorney Arlene Ellis Schipper, who was on the program to defend Aruba, explained that Aruba cannot go and fabricate evidence to make people guilty in order to please the US. In Aruba you also have to have sufficient proof to punish someone.

Mrs. Schipper told DIARIO Friday that after the program, she received many positive emails from people in the US, who after the discriminatory declarations of Mammana, realized how unjust the matter of the boycott against Aruba is.

In the emails, there were people who said that Mammana must remember that people of many different nationalities live in America and that if he says that one American is worth more than any quantity of foreigners, this is a declaration against other American citizens who have established themselves in America recently.

Friday, Mrs. Schipper gave DIARIO a more elaborate explanation about the matter of the recording that Jamie Skeeters made of Deepak Kalpoe.

It is after Dr. Phil aired the recording of the conversation on his program, local authorities requested a copy of the tape to investigate.

It was after 6 weeks that Aruban authorities procured the CD Rom and VHS tape, but not voluntarily.

The copies of Skeeter’s hard disk, as well as the tape that aired on the Dr. Phil show was then sent to the Nederlandse Forensische Instituut (NFI) and the results showed that the copy of Skeeter’s hard disk did not show evidence of manipulation.

There was a strange ‘skip’, but no manipulation. As for the copy of the Dr. Phil show, NFI clearly said that there was manipulation.

Not only did they edit the conversation, but they cut certain words. According to NFI, they cut just before ‘she’ and just in the word ‘didn’t’.

On the copy of Skeeter’s tape, the sentence that Deepak said after Skeeters asked if Natalee had sex with all three of them was: “no she didn’t”

According to NFI, on the tape of the Dr. Phil program, they removed the “no” and they removed the “n’t” on the word “didn’t”, to make it seem as if Deepak said “she did”.

This, according to NFI, is not ‘edit’, but manipulation. Holland and Aruba via their so-called “Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” (MLAT) with the US requested that the US confirm this result.
This was asked two weeks ago and still the US has not sent any result.

According to attorney Schipper, who is part of the Strategic Communications Task Force, experts from MSNBC made a test on the tapes also, and confirmed what the NFI observed.

Now apparently the Dr. Phil show has taken a negative posture against MSNBC, because they also observed that it is probable that the Dr. Phil show manipulated the tape in their favour, to sensationalize in order to raise the show’s ratings.

Attorney Schipper explained to DIARIO that she is not defending Deepak Kalpoe, but it cannot be that the American program has done everything to show as if the police and the investigation in Aruba are good for nothing, in order to start a boycott against our island.
Steve Cohen appointed as spokes person for Aruba
A.M. Digital

The Strategic Committee that was instituted in the Natalee Holloway case called a press conference yesterday where Jorge Pesquera, President and CEO of the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association announced that for the passed few weeks they were in search of a spokes person to counter arrest all incorrect information that is distributed in the US press especially via TV.

According to Pesquera, a consensus was reached with Aruba Tourism Authority that also helped in the intents, to appoint Steve Cohen to do the job. Both organizations found Steve Cohen to be the adequate person in the position. Cohen is already much involved in the case and has already been advising the Government. He has been doing a great job behind the curtains, according to Pesquera.

It was Serge Mansur who presented Steve Cohen, who used to be a journalist, anchor and executive in the media market. He was a producer of the program Court TV and attended various cases of missing children.. Cohen was Vice President of CBS for twelve years and besides being in the media market in Los Angeles he is also active in Boston, San Diego and New York. He is a real professional and a friend of Aruba as he has been traveling to Aruba since 1979.

Cohen, who knows Aruba, says that our island has been known as a safe and hospitable island and now, six months after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, nothing has changed in spite of the incident with the American teenager that caused negative comments on Aruba in the North American market. The changes occurred when the family of the disappeared teen decided to speak nothing else but bad about Aruba.

Therefore Steve’s purpose for the next couple of months is to counter arrest all false information because Aruba is the same as 6 months ago. The Judicial system is working. We are a country with order where all that violate the law are punished.

Aruba has the best police force and the best Public Prosecutor, certainly in the Caribbean and that is the kind of message that we must be sending out to the American people, according to Cohen. He will make use of all media that are willing to listen to the other side of the coin.


Republican Hyde, Chairman Of Committee On International Relations: Aruba Boycott Has No True Support

Republican Henry Hyde, Chairman of Committee on International Relations in the US House of Representatives, commented yesterday to local media that he believed the boycott call by the Governor of Alabama is not receiving true support in the U.S. He considers the boycott an individual action and not one that would be sustained nationwide.

"We want to resolve this case as fast as possible. We do not believe that the boycott would help the case," Hyde said. I believe the relationship between the Aruban and the U.S. congresses is good. I think the people who understand the complicity of the two justice systems are less worried and will not support the boycott, he added. "Aruba is a very important strategic area. It is a friendly island and we have to maintain a strong relationship with it," he said.

Hyde and a delegation of 5 other congressmen had been on the island for one night, staying at the Renaissance Resort after they were denied permission to deplane in Venezuela on Monday. The delegation traveled yesterday morning to Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, Brazil and Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.
It is very difficult to distinguish the difference between the various versions of the Deepak conversation recording

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Thursday, on the MSNBC program “Abrams Report”, the recording of the conversation between Jamie Skeeters and Deepak Kalpoe was aired, in which the latter supposedly admitted that he, his brother and Joran van der Sloot had sexual relations with Natalee Holloway.

Abrams Report also aired the tape that Aruba has in its possession, where it sounds as if Deepak says that they did not have sexual relations with the youngster.

On the tape, Jamie Skeeters tells Deepak: “I’m sure she had sex with all of you”, where in the version that previously aired on the Dr. Phil show, Deepak’s answer according those who heard it was “She did, you’d be surprised how easy it was”.

On the tape Aruba has, Deepak’s answer is: “She didn’t, you’d be surprised, how easy it would have been”.

Attorney Arlene Ellis-Schipper was on the program via telephone, and explained that one can clearly hear that Deepak said that they did not sleep with Natalee and that one can see Deepak shake his head.

The program host says that he did not see Deepak shake his head, but he did admit that this matter is a ‘mess’ as he called it.

The reporter said that clearly one can hear a difference between the tapes, where in the Skeeter version, Deepak says that they slept with Natalee.

However, a voice analysis expert invited on the program said to the host that he believes if they air the versions without bise [?], he cannot distinguish what is what.

The host said that he believes that he will be able to separate them from the other. To be honest, when DIARIO listened to the recording which passed on television, on all the recordings one can hear: “She didn’t”.

Natalee Holloway’s mother was also on the program and said that the tapes have to be analyzed by the FBI, to afterwards put this matter aside and focus on other aspects of the case, such as certain declarations made by Joran van der Sloot.

Beth Twitty continues to say that she supports the boycott, because local authorities have not made a good job with the investigation of the case.
More Flights from LCC’s during the Winter Season
Song increases flights from JFK

A.M. Digital

With the current Winter Slotting Schedule in effect as of October 30, 2005, Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) has received some schedule changes. American Trans Air (ATA) cancelled their weekly Saturday flight from Chicago to Aruba. Citing severe financial troubles, fewer aircraft and declining demand for seats to Aruba and other cities, caused ATA to reach this difficult decision.

In addition, Apple Vacations has pulled this winter’s Sunday charter program from Chicago and Detroit to Aruba due to less aircraft in operation in the aftermath of hurricane Wilma in Cancun and low load factors. Mark Travel/Trans Global also cancelled this winter’s Minneapolis Sunday charter operation to Aruba citing high fuel costs and low load factors.

On the other hand, Delta Airlines has decided that Song flights from JFK to Aruba will be increased from Saturday only to 5 weekly frequencies on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the period of February 15, 2006 through April 30, 2006. Song operates B757 aircraft with a capacity of 199 passengers and all-leather seats. AAA N.V. aims to have this service expansion by Song to become permanent during the Summer Season.
First and final word from yours truly
(not a translation)

Translations will be now be posted on the Scared Monkeys message board at www.scaredmonkeys.net, as time permits. The articles of note are usually covered by the bloggers on the main blog page at www.scaredmonkeys.com.

This experience has been surreal. Many of those who deride the US media and point to their lack of journalistic standards, revel in what most Aruban papers pass off as journalism. The hypocrisy of it all makes my head spin.

For whatever it's worth, DIARIO is the most independent of all the papers, and although Jossy Mansur is managing editor, he does not write all the articles. I respect the fact that the paper's coverage is relatively balanced, as opposed to other papers which are either government mouthpieces or quite cozy with them.

I have learned to cut through the inanity and inflammatory remarks to look for the real motivations. I wish more people did.

For those of you who understood why I was doing these translations, thank you for visiting this blog.

Prayers for Natalee.


Alfonso Riverol is the new AHATA president, named during General Assembly
Organization preparing for difficult period ahead due to the effects of the Natalee Holloway case
Bon Dia Aruba

O R A N J E S T A D – A new president and new challenges. This was the conclusion of the General Assembly of the Association of Hotel and Tourism of Aruba, AHATA. The general assembly took place at the Radisson Resort, during which Jeff Lesker handed over the reins of he tourism organization to Alfonso Riverol of the Wyndam Resort, who will from now on direct AHATA.

The meeting was marked with optimism because of recent successes, for Aruba as a destination as well as for AHATA as an organization, given how financially it achieved a surplus. This surplus, according to treasurer Ewald Biemans, is of vital importance to withstand tough times ahead, because if something was highlighted during the meeting, is that even the most optimistic hoteliers believe that the impact of the case of Natalee Holloway will surely have an effect next year, after the moth of April. AHATA CEO Jorge Pesquera opened the meeting saying that AHATA exists to bring value to its members, but more importantly, the organization is part of the heart and soul of Aruba and as such, the motto of “Aruba is Us” speaks the words of the commitment we have to our island. AHATA executives Scott Wiggins and Amy Ras-Speyer gave an illustration of all the marketing efforts that AHATA undertook in 2005, along with ATA and other partners, such as airlines. In addition, they showed what the plans are for 2006.

Warren Stanley, who presides over the marketing commission elaborated on the different steps undertaken to preserve the tourism leadership position of Aruba. Among others, more attention was given to the Cruise Conversion Program, where now will give more exact data on how many cruise ship tourists will in fact return to Aruba as regular tourists. They also produced an accommodations and attractions guide, which eliminates the necessity of each member to produce their own pamphlets. This guide is especially useful during international marketing events. In addition, AHATA invested, along with ATA and partners, in a marketing especially directed for this period, to ensure that our high season will not suffer the effects not only of the Natalee Holloway case, but also the problems of high fuel costs and hurricane effects. For example, some chartered flights were cancelled due to Cancun being cancelled. For some charter companies, their sales scheme ties some destinations with others.


Jorge Pesquera also spoke of the objectives of AHATA for 2006, among others:

• Increase member services
• Solidify the program ‘Meet Aruba’ which sells Aruba in the world of incentives, which according to Pesquera benefits everyone (AHATA attracted Pesquera for exactly this reason, given his experience and success in Puerto Rico in this area). According to the AHATA CEO, the market of Meetings and Conventions brings thousands upon thousands of executives to Aruba.
• Continue with the organization of courses and educational seminars to increase awareness
• And greatly contribute to help straighten out Aruba’s image, which was unjustly harmed, due to the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Pesquera believes that it is time to continue heavily investing but more importantly intelligently to recuperate the image of Aruba as a safe destination. As such, AHATA will work on crisis management.

At the end of the presentations, the new management of AHATA was introduced, who was said to be presided by Alfonso Riverol. The first vice president is Ewald Biemans of Bucuti Beach Resort; the second vice president are Warrant Stanley of Atlantis Submarines; the new treasurer is Rick Zeolla of Marriottl the secretary is Alex Nieuwmeyer of Divi Resorts, and directors are Eduardo de Veer of Meta Corp; Bill Carson of CMB; Scott Allen of Hyatt; Peter Steinmetz of AAA N.V.; Werner Hein of Occidental Allegro, and Lisette Malmberg of De Palm Tours, as the only woman in AHATA management.
Karin Janssen named Woman of the Year

ORANJESTAD (AAN) DIARIO’s Woman of the Year for this year is Karin P. J. Janssen who is chief prosecutor for the Public Ministry.

The reason Mrs. Karin Janssen was selected as Woman of the Year is for the work conducted during this year, but especially for the firm position she too un a case that has surely had a big impact on Aruba and internationally, the case of the missing American woman called Natalee.

It is known that Karin Janssen was and still is the chief of the investigation into the controversial case of Natalee’s disappearance.

There is much pressure on chief prosecutor, from the outside and even within the Public Ministry related to the case in question and she passed very difficult moments where even the government wanted to remove her.

Chief prosecutor Janssen worked hard alongside police to hand over proof on the case of Natalee and although on all sides they encountered many obstacles, they did not lose patience and continued working hard to solve a great problem in which the people of Aruba are not at fault.

None of the negative developments nor the great pressure have made this lady succumb and she has fostered respect and shown great courage.

Once again, a woman in a key position demonstrates that they can maintain a cool head and continue ahead to do their duty and their professional obligation, like Mrs. Karin Janssen has shown during the year.


Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) supports Aruba and the Caribbean with letter to mrs. Condoleezza Rice
A.M. Digital

The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) provided us with copy of a letter that was sent to Secretary of State, mrs. Condoleezza Rice by Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization. The letter which is self explanatory is hereby published in its entirety:

November 18, 2005

Dear Secretary Rice:

Over the course of the past several months, the American media has covered the disappearance of Ms Natalee Holloway who visited Aruba on a class trip. We share the grief of her family -- especially that of her mother -- who clearly is anguished by her disappearance. We understand and applaud Mrs. Holloway’s success in keeping Natalee’s story in the headlines. That success would be the wish of any parent under similar circumstances.

We are most concerned by two developments, however.
The first relates to calls by some media in the United States to “boycott” the Caribbean. Over the same period of time, one television station regularly introduced the Holloway story over the banner “Caribbean CoverUp?” as if the entire Caribbean should be brought into a matter that affects only one of our island nations. Although this practice of extending a particular situation to the entire geographic region is unmerited, we understand United States’ laws regarding freedom of the press and we have been addressing that matter ourselves.

The other related matter that is particularly distressing is the call for boycotts of Aruba from persons holding elected offices as in the case of the Governor of the State of Alabama. You will understand that the people of Aruba feel particularly selected for persecution when a casual perusal of the FBI’s list of missing persons (http://www.fbi.gov/mostwant/kidnap/kidmiss.htm) shows scores of persons who have been missing throughout the United States for far longer periods and there is no call for boycotts of those States in which the missing person was last seen.

Aruba is a strong supporter of the United States in hemispheric matters and depends heavily on its growing tourism business to sustain its economy. Aruba, in fact, is one of the great success stories of our hemisphere particularly as a people who are committed to democratic ideals and economic self-determination. Moreover, there is no one in our region who believes that any government official in Aruba or in any other Caribbean country would be engaged in protecting the wrongdoing of any individual citizen while risking the entire national economy.

It is for these reasons that we wish to express our strongest possible outrage at these calls for boycotts, particularly from elected officials within the United States. We are confident that wise counsel from your good offices to those individuals and officials regarding these international matters would prove helpful in preventing these troublesome developments.


Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Secretary General
While Minister of Tourism continues to hide
Tourism is faltering

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Aruba’s pillar of the economy, tourism, is not well placed and as aren’t its foundation as was the case 7 years ago, because in the last 4 years tourism has been going backwards.

Not even when the MEP government tried to let people believe that tourism has increased, the reality shows that hotels are not filling up anymore as they once were, and worse now in this season in which it’s increasingly clear that things do not bode well.

Cruise ship tourism has decreased and the quantity of passengers who have transited [through Aruba] has also dropped, while hotels which were once at 100% occupancy in high season, now painfully reach a 60% rate of occupancy.

While the Minister of tourism remains in hiding, same with the Attorney General who is hiding because of her mismanagement of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the situation in our economy in what relates to tourism is going backwards day after day.

Global influences such as what happened in Mexico, where in the area of Cancun, which is the center of tourism of Mexico and remained almost completely destroyed after a hurricane did not lead to more tourism for Aruba.

What happened in Europe where there where bombings in different countries and public disorder in France didn’t lead to more tourism for Aruba either.

A hurricane which destroyed many tourist areas in the US, such as New Orleans and neighbouring cities where the casino industry had largely flourished, didn’t lead to more tourists from the US to come to Aruba either.

All these are factors that indicate that the MEP government is undertaking a disastrous management in the area of tourism and they haven’t showed any intention of doing anything to save the Aruba’s pillar of the economy either.

The year 2006 will open with many difficulties where the government will increase taxes on a long list of product imports which people use, and also in the hotel sector and this will turn tourism even more expensive for those who want to visit Aruba and the consequence of the developments and negative effects for tourism will have even more impact in the year 2006.

Those who work directly in the tourism industry and also thousands of others who indirectly work with tourism have to take into account that next year something has to be done to rectify the situation otherwise the working class will find themselves in serious problems because it will get to a point where hotels and other companies who work in the tourist sector will have to take measures to lower expenses and will start sending workers home.

Tourism is faltering while a little group in the MEP government continues to fill their pockets and the last loan of 84 million will let them continue their party for some time, until the time that the elastic patience of the people breaks and the weight of the charge on the back of the people becomes too much to bear.
Aruba losing its tranquility?
FTA worried with messages received by repeat tourists

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – In a press conference on Thursday morning, Anselmo Pontilius referred to the lack of tranquility in recent times, that tourists come to look for in Aruba, that it’s going backwards, and this can bring consequences to our economy.

Pontilius underlined that Aruba ketobay [¿] is in demand, despite the problem known worldwide, and tourists who visit our island pay their money to find peace. Nevertheless, in the press F.T.A. read in the news about a mugging on a tourist couple, which could simply be a bad symptom.

He also said that visitors invest to have a good time enjoying our beaches, but if they find a congestion from the airport until their hotel, it can take almost an hour because of traffic, then they cannot enjoy the tranquility when they have to be on the street.

Aside from this, he has encountered another type of problem in the manner of itinerant addicts, which is one of the gravest situation in our country; also, he has noticed a situation where the service is not the same that tourists are accustomed to, and a beach which is full of people, which they doesn’t care for because they comes in search of tranquility, and our tourism can go backwards.

Pontilius mentioned that tourists known in our country, because of their many long years of visiting Aruba, are sending messages to hotel employees daily.

For this reason, F.T.A. is convinced that only via a process of permanent dialogue, solutions can be found.

[note: FTA = Federacion Trahadornan di Aruba = Aruba Federation of Workers]


Youth Parliament makes proposal in Aruba Parliament
Regarding alcohol sale to minors

A.M. Digital

In connection with the International Day of the child, the Aruba Youth Parliament met with their bigger colleagues on November 17 last. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various topics regarding the right of the child and the implementation of them.

One of the topics that had extra attention was the sale of alcohol. Presently the legal drinking age in Aruba is 16. The Youth Parliament made a proposal to change this to 18.Youth Parliament member Angelino Vrolijk presented various examples where it was clear that the use of alcohol by youngsters will have bad consequences for their personal development and for their performance at school.

The four political fractions in Parliament, i.e. MEP, AVP, RED, and MPA agreed to work on a law proposal to change the drinking age to 18. The Parliament members also agreed that once the law is there strict control must take place and any establishment that sells alcohol to minors must be fined heavily.
The meeting was a big achievement for Youth Parliament and the youth of Aruba because by increasing the drinking age to 18 we manage to protect youngsters against dangers that they might find themselves in when under influence of alcohol.

Another proposition by Youth Parliament is that they be given more opportunities to meet with the Aruba Parliament, especially when topics are to be discussed that regard the youth of Aruba.