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Arlene Ellis-Schipper named as commissioner (board member) for the
Caribbean Mercantile Bank yesterday
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More indication that the case against suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway will be in summer

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Recently, DIARIO obtained information from contacts abroad that Satish Kalpoe’s attorney, David Kock, was on an American TV program, on which he declared that the Public Prosecutor definitely will start a penal case against the three suspects in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway – Deepak Kalpoe, Satish Kalpoe, and Joran van der Sloot – in the summer.

There were already a few indications that it would not be much more time before the Public Prosecutor starts the case against the suspects and now Satish Kalpoe’s attorney confirmed this in an American TV program.

The case will become very interesting, given that it has come out that still Joran van der Sloot says that Satish came to pick him up at the Marriott, while Satish says that he did not go to pick up the Dutch youngster.

According to information, the accusations which will be brought by the Public Prosecutor will be between sexual abuse and murder.
New witness in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Recently, it has come out in the renowned American newspaper USA Today, as well as in other US dailies, that Aruba has a new witness in the case of Natalee Holloway.

According to the article, police have a new witness and have planned to organize a new search for the body of the American youngster.

The witness gave specific information, which made the investigators plan a search in the dunes near the North part of Aruba.

Commissioner Gerold Dompig, during an interview with the program ’48 Hours Mystery” of CBS, said that investigators will use cadaver dogs to search near the lighthouse, because they believe that there are people who took careful steps to hide the body of Natalee Holloway, and that perhaps they buried the body twice.

According to Dompig, the witness knew more about where Natalee ended up and that the information that this person gave was very specific, to be an invented story.

The article said that authorities of Aruba refused to comment on the matter this Wednesday.

Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty, said that she is aware of the program. “I am waiting to see the program on Saturday.”

In January, more than 50 policemen searched in the dunes near the lighthouse, because for some time they suspected that they could find something there.
Another breakthrough in the Holloway-case

ARUBA - According to chief of police Gerold Dompig, the police start a new search for the body of the disappeared Natalee Holloway. He anticipates that this search will have positive results. He mentioned this in an interview with the American TV-channel CBS. The interview will be broadcasted this Saturday evening.

According to Dompig, a new witness had given the police reliable information about the location where the body of Holloway is buried. "The information is too specific for having been invented." Dompig indicated that he assumes that somebody has buried the body real well and probably had even reburied it. Search dogs and ground radar will be used for this new search, which concentrates on the California sand hills. The police have searched that area several times. Dompig says in the interview that the investigation is in its last critical phase. The program 48 Hours Mystery: Natalee Holloway, New Clues in Paradise will be transmitted at 23:00 on channel 16 in Aruba and 482 in Curacao.


PG loses lawsuit
Theresa Croes-Fernandez

ARUBA - Members of Parliament are allowed to criticize the work of the Prosecution Council (OM). Unless well-founded, also the media can comment on alleged abuse.

Yesterday, Attorney General (PG) Theresa Croes-Fernandez lost the lawsuits that she instituted against AVP-members Arthur Dowers and Mike Eman and the newspaper Diario.

With this verdict it is certain that Eman and Dowers and Diario do not have to rectify what they have said about the independency, objectivity, and political influence of the OM. After analyzing what was said during the hearings, the judge indicated that the case is about the freedom of opinion and this can only be restricted if it is legally in the interest of the protection of the reputation or the rights of others, or to maintain the authority and the impartiality of the judicial power. For the freedom of press counts that the media can exaggerate and even provoke. The judge indicated though that the journalists should not insult people personally and should do thorough journalistic investigations. In this case the intentions were not to insult the PG and the comments in the media were in a column, in which the writer has the room to express his/her opinion.

The judge did criticize Diario's lack of investigation though. On the other hand he said that the OM has a press briefing department that could have been involved to contradict the out of court statements.

The judge said furthermore that the Members of Parliament have diplomatic immunity, but that in a democratic society, the discussions took place for an important part outside the Parliament, amongst other in the media. But that doesn't mean that Members of Parliament can say whatever they want, but that the judge must be reserved when prohibiting statements outside the Parliament.
Mike Eman: "Constitutional state overcomes"

ARUBA -This is not a victory for the AVP, Mike Eman, or Arthur Dowers, but for the constitutional state. Within our constitutional state we have the necessary room to critically surveil the functioning of the OM in the parliamentary and public debate. With this, the judge has restored the confidence in the democracy that the OM has affected, said Mike Eman in a first reaction on the verdict, indicating that AVP, Eman, and Dowers do not have to rectify their concerns about political influence in the decision-making of the PG and the OM.

My fellow party members are witnesses of how often I had to convince the party council of the AVP that one should be very precise and careful when publically questioning the work and the position of the OM, said Eman. Often he had to tell the party that the OM has a task that can damage the interest of the people, even take away the freedom, causing a suspect and his/her family a lot of pain and harm. "The society must therefore have full confidence that the OM performs his work in an objective manner." In order to do his job, the OM must have authority in the society. But this same constitutional state that we defended when we gave the OM the benefit of the doubt, also forces us to consider which position we should take when it becomes clear that the constitutional state is in danger with an OM that had become biassed! That's when we went public to express our concern about the objectivity of the OM. In our view, the OM proceeded arbitrarily." Eman pointed out the cases that were not persecuted, and comparable cases that the OM took in hand, and all this with the pretence of political preference. "We are pleased with this verdict. It gives us room to expose dangerous tendencies with reference to such an important institution in our society. We are happy that we live in the Royal Dutch Kingdom, where party-political influence is frankly kept out of the administration of justice", says Eman.


Death aboard a ship seems to be a criminal act

ORANJESTAD (AAN): It seems that in Aruba, authorities immediately ‘guli manda abao’ [swallowed?] the story of the crew members of the ‘Rachel S’ ship, which arrived in Aruba the Sunday of Carnaval Grandi with a dead person on board.

There is a big possibility that the crew members ‘played a comedy’ which apparently turned bad, to cover up a possible crime that was committed on board.

The autopsy conducted in Aruba deduced that Bernard Ramsaran, 50 years of age, died of heart failure.

But now, an autopsy conducted in his country of Trinidad & Tobago, has deduced that Bernard died of something more sinister, ‘traumatic asphyxia’, which indicates that was strangled and choked! His death is nothing natural! It is a crime which took place on the high seas and now Interpol is involved.

The question is, how could Aruban authorities not discover this? The Trinidad & Tobago authorities discovered that Bernard’s body even had several marks of violence. Last Saturday, he was buried in his town of Rio Claro.

Interpol’s first mission is to find two of the crew members who possibly ‘lied’ about things turning bad immediately to divert the Aruban authorities who apparently also fell in the trap. Again, a negative light is directed towards Aruba and its police force.

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Interpol agents on murder case

Local homicide officers have contacted Interpol to help them find two men they hope can help solve the strange case of a Rio Claro man who was invited to the United States, but who ended up in Jamaica and died in Aruba.

An initial autopsy in Aruba on the body of Bernard Ramsaran, 59, concluded that he died of heart failure.

A second autopsy done at the request of his family found something more sinister - traumatic asphyxia - which indicated he was strangled.

Ramsaran's family declined to speak to the Daily Express yesterday.

However, investigators were told that in early February Ramsaran, of Agostini Road, Rio Claro, was contacted by a friend with whom he worked aboard a ship five years ago.

The friend reportedly offered Ramsaran a job in Texas. Ramsaran left the country, but on February 5, called his family from Jamaica to say he would be returning to Trinidad by sea.

On Carnival Sunday, a caller from Aruba contacted Ramsaran's family to say he had died and asked for two family members to come to the island to identify the body.

The family reported declined but an autopsy was done.

Ramsaran's body was returned to Trinidad on March 4, and an autopsy paid for by the family was done.

The finding was traumatic asphyxia and unnatural death.

The family reported the findings to police.

Ramsaran's body was found to have several marks of violence. He was buried on Saturday after a funeral at his home.

San Fernando Hom-icide Bureau officers are investigating.

Everything indicates that not much time is remaining for the Public Prosecutor to present its case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Recently, DIARIO tried to get in touch with Satish Kalpoe’s attorney, to ask him how his client is doing, given that recently, Joran van der Sloot went on various TV and radio channels and said that he is no longer friends with the Kalpoe brothers, because they still don’t want to admit that Satish came to pick him up at the beach the night that Natalee Holloway disappeared, to bring him back home.

According to Joran, the Kalpoe brothers lied and because of this, he no longer speaks to them.

DIARIO was not able to contact attorney David Kock, given the fact that he is out of the country, however, information indicates that Satish stands behind his statement that he and his brother Deepak did not go to pick up Joran on the night in question, which is the same declaration they gave to police during the time they were incarcerated.

It will be interesting to know if the Public Prosecutor will be able to start the case against these youngsters, because it is time that all important details, that perhaps we are not obtaining still, become known.

The hope is for the Public Prosecutor to close its case, that perhaps won’t be delayed much more, given that before the 3rd of April, the Public Prosecutor has to hand over all documents related to the investigation of this case to the judge who is dealing with the case of damages for prejudice brought by the van der Sloot family.

The Public Prosecutor cannot hand over the documents to the judge if they have not totally closed the case against Joran.

Given that they have indicated that before the end of March they will close to hand over the documents, this could be an indication that shortly after this, the Public Prosecutor can start the penal case against Joran van der Sloot.

Currently, the van der Sloot family is asking for more than 500,000 Florin [USD$279,330] for material and immaterial damages.

In the first instance, it was shown that Paul van der Sloot alone could sue for damages for prejudice; however, a judge from the Superior Court dictated that the whole family could sue for damages for prejudice.

After the Public Prosecutor indicated that before the end of March, the whole file of this case will be closed and handed over to the judge, the judge indicated that after he has had the chance to study the case file, he will give his verdict on the 1st of May.
DIARIO Editorial: An element called Tacopina

Last night, the attorney who is representing Joran in the US found it appropriate to explain, in a lowly way, that I am prejudiced against Joran because his father was in the team who [strobe – handed over?] a few members of my family to the US.

There’s another element who does not know how to read Papiamento and has no notion what I have said about Joran. I have said on various occasions that I don’t know whether he is guilty or innocent! Furthermore, I don’t have any sort of prejudice against Joran or his father! I had no idea that Paul could have been in any commission which judged who is part of my family. That’s news to me!

Joe Tacopina, with his witchy style of bring things forward, forcing a conclusion which doesn’t exist, wants to defend a habitual, chronic liar, who has a confirmed history of violence.

Joran was known in his school as a kid who bullied younger kids; he was described by a teacher as a habitual liar; he was caught with his hands in the lockers of other kids; he was under treatment for his inability to control his anger and the violent part of his character; he was gambling for money in a casino, at an age where it is prohibited to set foot in a casino, and a few times accompanied by his father!

Into what sort of ‘saint’ does Tacopina want to turn Joran? He doesn’t know that Joran lied that Deepak came to pick him up at the beach, and when Deepak stood up and said that it’s not true, he then changed to saying it was Satish. When Satish also stood up and said that it wasn’t true, he left the question hanging, and it will be good of Tacopina, in his great wisdom, to explain to us how Joran arrived at his house in the morning hours, with or without shoes!

Another point which Tacopina, in his febrile attempt to defend his client, does not take into account is the following: how Deepak could have come to pick up Joran at the beach, if Joran declared to 4 police officers on the 13 of June 2005 that Deepak was with him at the beach, that Deepak went back towards the girl, where he had left her sleeping on the sand, and that he believes that Deepak raped and then killed the girl? Tacopina can be a good attorney, but in this case he is far from home!

And how does Tacopina explain the fact that Joran told police that they had sex with Natalee when she was coming in and out of consciousness, and then on television he said that because he did not have a prophylactic he didn’t have sex with her! Who does Tacopina take us for?

For idiots? A 17 year old kid with only one thing on his mind, is going to miss such an opportunity because he has no protection? And Tacopina believes Joran when he told Greta that he NEVER had sexual relations with a girl without using a condom? Come now, Mister Tacopina, give us at least a little more consideration and stop insulting our intelligence!

Tacopina also forgets, perhaps voluntarily?. That his client admitted to police that they took Natalee to his apartment from Carlos and Charlies! How could he be at his apartment with Natalee and at the same time on the beach with her? It would be good for Tacopina to explain to us the mathematics of the timeline, because in our mathematics, you cannot be in two different places at the same time!

On one hand, I enjoyed Tacopina, because he made me laugh with his ridiculous statements. If in reality he is an attorney interested in the truth, he would not be planting so many lies which could even compete with those of his client.

Finally (for now) how does Tacopina explain the concrete fact that his client was the last one who was with Natalee at the time that she disappeared and suddenly, he doesn’t know what happened to her?

Was there magic involved? Tacopina believes that Yomanda, Negro Felipe or Maria Lionza could have been involved? Because it is impossible that Joran doesn’t know what happened to Natalee if he was the last person who was with Natalee in his apartment, or on the beach, like he has admitted on so many occasions!

The types of expressions out of Tacopina do not seem those of a serious person, and even less of those of an attorney who believes in the truth.

It could be his duty to defend his client, whether he believes he is guilty or innocent, but let it be done in a professional way, acknowledging Joran’s multiple lies, and not trying to reduce them to only two, like he tried to do last night! If he wants, I can explain how many lies and changing stories Joran offered police. We are very well aware of everything!


This Monday the verbal proceedings will close
Public Prosecutor has to decide if it will prosecute suspects in the case of Natalee Holloway
Bon Dia Aruba

ORANJESTAD – There is a strong indication that the Public Prosecutor will close the investigation in the Holloway case. This can be concluded by the interim decision of the Curaçao judge in the case of damages for prejudice that the van der Sloot family brought against the government.

In an interview with Bon Dia Aruba, the attorney for the van der Sloot family, Mr. A. Swaen, revealed that the Curaçao judge said that he wants to obtain more information before he can take a decision about the van der Sloot family lawsuit.

The judge showed that the Public Prosecutor informed that this month the verbal proceedings [procesverbaal] of the investigation will come to an end and afterwards, in a short period of time, they will have to decide if they will prosecute the suspects.

This clearly shows that the Public Prosecutor has to end the investigations and that now they will have to decide, on the basis of the investigation results, if they will prosecute the suspects.

Mr. Swaen explained that the reason why the Curaçao judge wants to obtain the final verbal process [procesverbaal] and also the Public Prosecutor decisions whether they will prosecute the suspects or not, is to evaluate if there were forms of pressure used, and if this could have caused harm to the van der Sloot family. The judge showed that the fact that there is an ongoing penal investigation against Joran van der Sloot makes Joran van der Sloot’s position different that the other members of the family.

The judge instructed the Public Prosecutor to hand over the verbal proceedings [procesverbaal] and the decisions about the prosecutions to the court clerk, at the latest on Monday, April 3.

The Public Prosecutor also has to hand over a copy of the verbal proceedings [procesverbaal] to attorney A. Swaen who can react to it. The judge stipulated that if Mr. Swaen wants to react, he has to do so in writing and this has to be delivered to the court clerk at the latest on April 17. The judge from Curaçao will evaluate this and will hand down the verdict on May 1st. By the interim decision, it can be concluded that this month, the Public Prosecutor has to decide whether it will pursue the suspects in the Holloway case or not.